New Plot Acquired – The 2023 Walnut Plantation!

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Rekovac - 2023 Plantation

The Walnut Fund is proud to announce that we have just finalized the purchase of our 2023 plot of land!

Rekovac – Serbia –The 2023 Walnut Plantation

Welcome to Rekovac Serbia, a small village between the cities of Jagodina and Kragujevac. What many consider Serbia’s prime land for orchards of all sorts, will by the end of 2023 become home to The Walnut Fund’s second collectively funded walnut plantation!

How It Came To Be – Community Is Everything!

We must admit that this year’s plot of land was not easy to find. Due to economic instability worldwide, people have begun to realize the value of investing in physical assets causing the price of land to skyrocket and diminishing the availability of suitable and affordable plots of agricultural land. Nevertheless, we were prepared for the challenge and began searching for this year’s location back in September of 2022. In search for over 5 months, we traversed the country up and down until one day we received an email from one of our 2022 investors.

Having loved what we had accomplished so far and what we are doing for the local community and without requesting any financial merit, he referred us to a seller in Rekovac.  Long story short… Here we are today with an amazing 18-hectare (45-acre) plot of land! Many thanks to all of our clients for the amazing support that they have extended us from day one!

Fun FactsRekovac Plantation 2023

The 2023 Walnut Plantation

Providing For The Local Community

As we already mentioned this will be our second plantation, and we are very proud of our commitment to sustainable agriculture, the reforestation of land, and helping the local community. Just last year in establishing the Molovin plantation we hired over 30 seasonal (part-time) workers, created 2 new full-time jobs, planted over 5000 trees and much more! 

Interested In Joining – It’s Not Too Late!

Good news! The 2023 investment cycle is in full swing, and we are on an amazing trajectory to sell out even faster than we did last year. With that said, there are still available spots for this year’s plantation. Do not hesitate to give us a call and find out more about our project!

Looking forward to seeing you on our 2023 plantation!

The Walnut Fund

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