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Transparency is the best policy! All news and updates for our 2023 plantation in one place.

Total trees on plantation 5200
Trees sold 570
Trees available 4630

Plantation Status

Land in progress

In progress
March 1th, 2022

We are happy to anounce that we are currently finishing all nececary administrative steps to start preparing the land. By the end of 2023, this plot of land will become home to more than 5000 walnut trees

Land in progress


Coming soon
September 1th, 2023

High-quality saplings are the foundation for a successful walnut orchard. We purchasing two-year-old, Certified, first-class walnut saplings from a world-renowned nursery in Turkey.


Land Preparation

Coming soon
October 1th, 2023

We are preparing the machinery for the land works.

Land Preparation

Trees planted

Coming soon
December 1th, 2023

Tress will be planted in December 2023.

Saplings Purchased

Video gallery of the plantation

Walnut fund
A New 2023 Walnut Plantation – Rekovac

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Plantation Availability

Total trees on plantation 5200
Trees sold 570
Trees reserved 79
Trees available 4551


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