Go Green and Grow Wealth: An Update from The Walnut Fund’s 2022 Plantation and a Glimpse at 2023

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The Walnut Fund 2022 update

We’re thrilled to bring you an update on our 2022 plantation at The Walnut Fund. This unique project saw over 300 investors joining us to plant 5,200 walnut trees across 18 hectares of prime agricultural land. Key maintenance practices have been implemented to foster a thriving walnut orchard.

Our Molovin plantation, the inaugural joint-crowdfunded venture, is coming to life! After dedicated terrain preparation last year, we planted the trees in February.

Maintenance focus: we’ve been actively hedging back our trees and adding supports for straight growth. Hedging back is a pruning technique that encourages faster root system development, manages size and shape, promotes lateral branching for optimal sunlight exposure and air circulation, and in mature trees, facilitates easier harvesting.

Another challenge we’ve addressed is weed growth in the orchard. To ensure our walnut trees aren’t competing for resources, we’ve employed mechanical weed removals methods, such as manual plucking, mowing, and tilling, without harmful herbicides.

Looking ahead, we’re preparing for our 2023 plantation on a fantastic 20-hectare plot. With 50% of the spots already filled due to significant demand, we encourage you to join us soon!

For those new here, The Walnut Fund is a platform offering innovative, eco-friendly investment opportunities in walnut plantations, focusing on sustainable agriculture.

The Walnut Fund 2022 plantation update!

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