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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The Walnut Fund – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can invest?

    Everyone! We have investors from all around the world. Plant a tree and join the team!

  • What is the minimum investment?

    The minimum investment is one tree (€ 200).

  • How do I fund my investment?

    We accept credit card payments, PayPal, crypto and bank transfers.

  • What am I investing in?

    The Walnut Fund collects capital from investors all over the world and in turn, uses the funds raised to establish modern, high-yielding walnut plantations. We plant the trees, take care of them and sell the walnuts. Profits made are then proportionally divided between the walnut fund and its investors.

  • How often are payouts made?

    Payouts are made once a year, following the annual harvest.

  • How are payouts calculated?

    Payouts are calculated as follows:

    Annual payout =  (Revenue from walnut sales – Costs) x (Number of trees you own/total number of trees in the plantation) 

    Even if your trees are doing poorly, your payout is secure because it is calculated on an ownership percentage of the whole plantation, not by a tree.

    Annual payout: Amount paid to investors on a yearly basis
    Revenue from walnut sales: Yield x walnut price
    Costs: Direct costs of running the plantation E.g. labor, fertilizer, utilities, storage, etc.

  • How can I receive my payout?

    We offer several options:

    • Wire transfer
    • PayPal
    • Crypto

    Clients have the right to choose the account & entity to which the payouts are forwarded.

  • Can I reinvest my payouts?

    Yes, The Walnut Fund is more than happy to plant more trees.

  • 8-9 years is a long time to wait for ROI?

    8-9 years for a complete ROI is equal to approx. 23% annual return, having in mind that the walnut tree needs 4 years to start producing walnuts. Furthermore, following break-even annual returns continue to grow pottentialy reaching as high as 50% annual ROI.

    *Please note that this estimate is based on the sales of walnuts in their shell. Any form of processing, such as cracking, packing, or producing walnut oil, will alter the forecast and shorten the return on investment period.

  • When can I expect to get my investment back? ROI?

    The return on investment (ROI) period is between 8 and 9 years. By year 9 we estimate that you will have 100-110% of what you have invested. With current market conditions every following year you can expect an additional 30-50% return on investment.

    *Please note that this estimate is based on the sales of walnuts in their shell. Any form of processing, such as cracking, packing, or producing walnut oil, will alter the forecast and shorten the return on investment period.

  • What documents will I receive as an investor?

    Investors will receive:
    One investment contract – Entailing information regarding the investment.

    One certificate of ownership – Providing proof of ownership for purchased trees

    Certificates are issued electronically, or in hard copy on demand when the trees have been planted.

  • How will I be updated on the progress of my investment?

    Our platform provides a direct line of communication with investors. Your online profile will be updated on a regular basis with pictures and expert evaluation so that at every moment you know how your trees are doing.

    In addition, a live streaming option will be available allowing investors to experience firsthand the walnut plantation!

    For any additional information our help desk is available 24/7.

  • I need my money back fast! Can I get a refund on my investment?

    If you have decided to change your mind, refunds are available for 30 days following payment. Under special circumstances The Walnut Fund may extend this period, if it does not affect the viability of that years plantation. Unfortunately, if your trees have already been planted refunds are not available.

    We are hard at work setting up a system so that investors can sell their already planted trees to other interested investors. This will prove beneficial to both parties. Investors looking to leave will be able to cash out with a profit (the more mature the tree, the more valuable it is), and new investors will be able to buy trees that are closer to maturity or are already making money.

  • Where are your plantations?

    Our company has recently gone international. Our  headquarters are now in Croatia, and operations are in Serbia. We have multiple plantations throughout Serbia, some are our own, and some we manage.

  • Why are your plantations not in the United States?

    South East Europe provides an ideal environment for walnut farming. Climate conditions are ideal, the land is inexpensive, government subsidies are readily available and the workforce is much cheaper than the US. We would have to charge 3-4 times more for each walnut tree if we were to plant them in the USA.

  • When are the trees planted?

    Trees are planted once a year between the months of November and December. The exact time depends on the weather conditions.

  • My tree died… What happens now?

    Don’t worry, a new tree will be replanted as soon as possible at our cost. Thanks to the payout system (See question/answer 6) you will not experience any setbacks in receiving profit.

  • What are the fees?

    After your initial investment there are no additional fees. When your walnut trees begin to make money, you are paid back first and from then on profits are split equally between the walnut fund and its investors.

  • What is the worst-case scenario that could happen to my investment?

    Historically walnut trees have proven to be a very secure investment. Walnut trees are resistant to pests, disease and harsh climate. A worst case scenario would present itself as a major natural disaster. However, by carefully electing our plantation locations we have yet to encounter any problems of this sort. Additionally, all of our plantations are insured and if something were to happen settlements would be payed out to investors.

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