A visit to the Kacarevo plantation

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Serbia’s most successful Chandler orchard

Hi walnut fund family!

We recently took the drone out to the Kacarevo (Kacharevo) plantation and it was so beautiful that we wanted to share it with you all.

Whoever follows us on a regular basis is most likely familiar with the fact that the Kacarevo plantation was planted back in 2016. At six years of age, this orchard is one of the oldest, and most successful Chandler walnut plantations in Serbia. Initially starting as a 6-hectare (1800 tree) orchard, and throughout the years expanding to its current size, now standing at 10 hectares – (25 acres) and more than 3000 walnut trees!

Most of these trees are 6 years old and still have 3-4 years until full maturity. Nevertheless, you can see how well developed the plants are and if you compare them with some of our previous videos you will notice how much the trees have progressed in only one year!

In the video below you will see one of the precautionary measures that we employ on-site to upkeep tree health and longevity.  One of the workers is applying a layer of the lime-silica mix along the bark of the trees. This helps disinfect the trees from various bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, the Whitecoat lowers the temperature of the trees in early spring, delaying vegetation and providing an additional safety buffer against late frost.

Walnut farming is labor non-intensive and a large plantation such as this one requires a maximum of 1-2 workers throughout the spring and summer months for orchard upkeep and management.

Interested in becoming part of this amazing tradition?

Preparations for our 2022 plantation are well underway. We have purchased the land, bought the saplings, and commenced preparing the terrain for the December planting window. We are on target to make our first collective, investor plantation a booming success!

We still have spots available for this year’s plantation, and if you are interested in investing it’s not too late to do so. Find out more through our website and feel free to reach out!

Hope to see you in person on our 2022 plantation!

The Walnut Fund team

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