🌿Weekly Plantation Update for The Walnut Fund Community

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Here’s what’s been happening at our Molovin Plantation:

May 1-15:

🌱 General Maintenance:

  • Regular tree pruning to ensure optimal sunlight exposure and air circulation.
  • Spraying for pests and diseases to maintain tree health.
  • Maintenance of machinery and equipment to keep our operations running smoothly.

May 16-31:

🔧 Infrastructure and Special Care:

  • Installed weed barriers to suppress unwanted growth and protect our saplings.
  • Adjusted tree supports to ensure proper growth orientation.
  • Conducted loading activities to prepare products and materials for distribution.

June Activities:

🛠 Equipment Maintenance:

🚜 Ongoing maintenance and updates to our farming equipment.
🌳 Tree Care
Continued pruning and care for young saplings.
🌞 Solar Installation
Progress on installing solar panels to power our operations sustainably.

Special Notes:

🌤 Weather conditions have been mostly favorable, aiding in our timely operations.
🚧 Irigation system has been adjusted to enhance water efficiency.

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